Week 3: 5 activities to do at home with the 0-5s

We know you haven’t got time to read a lot so let’s get to it, here are week 3’s ideas to keep the little ones entertained from Little Starts Gift Cards Class Providers:

1. Buzz game

We love this fun game from Frenzy Youth Theatre which is great for helping pre-schoolers begin to recognise their letter sounds. For younger children you could give them themes like ’something under the sea’.

To play:

  1. One person is the leader and everyone else is a ‘bee’;

  2. Everyone other than the leader buzzes round the room like a bee;

  3. When the leader shouts out a letter sound, the ‘bees’ have to physically become something beginning with that letter eg if ‘M’ you could become a monster, ‘P’ you could become a pencil – but remember you have to physically become it with your body!

  4. After each letter it’s back to buzzing until the next letter is shouted out!

Here’s the video of Kyle leading this game if you want to occupy the kids for a few minutes whilst you get a few jobs done or just get a few ideas!


2. Fingerprint pictures

How pretty are these?!

During their online class about ‘skin’, Mini Professors Warrington made fingerprint art about spring – easy to try at home with a few paints and pencils/pens!

3. Sorting money

Number Train shared this great activity for helping children to start recognising coins on the way to understanding money.

Annette said: ‘Before you start, explain what each coin looks like (colour, size and look to see if there is a number on it) then leave them to sort!! Once they are confident, make it into a competitive game. We do lots of games like this in our classes and it can get quite heated so remind them to LOOK where they are going to avoid bumping heads!’

‘At the end for the older children (KS1) practise counting in 1s for 1p coins, 2s for 2p coins, 5s for 5p coins etc and link to times tables’

4. Make playdough Dinosaurs

Mess Around Beds and Bucks shared these brilliant free downloadable playdough mats which you can use to follow for moulding dinosaurs! They even have a ‘make your own playdough’ recipe there too!

Here’s the link: https://www.messarounduk.com/blog/dinosaur-playdough-mats/?fbclid=IwAR2vmdEqFsbP5hhoF_1ep4hSwMxBNHfnHSRooFN2kIGIqksMNXj8tEJtsv0

5. Around the world game

Challenge the kids with this fab game shared by Little Wickets – all they need is a ball, or alternatively a cushion/cuddly toy and to pass it round their middle as many times as they can manage in a minute – 30+ =Bronze, 40+ = Silver and 50+ = Gold.

Then keep challenging them to see if they can improve their score!

Hope those keep your little people busy for a while! Have fun and don’t forget to tag us in your pics when you are trying them out @Little Starts Gift Cards on Facebook and @littlestartsgiftcards on Instagram!

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