Week 2: 5 activities to do at home with the 0-5s

Last week’s blog with our top 5 activities for the 0-5s to do at home was such a success that we are going to put out a weekly round up to help you keep your little ones entertained!

Here are week 2’s ideas from Little Starts Gift Cards Class Providers:

1. Go on a mini-beast hunt

This is a great and very simple idea from Mini Professors Warrington for anyone with a garden or who can get out for a nature walk – social distancing of course!


a. Download a mini beast chart like this one here:

b. Get outside and start spotting, crossing off each mini beast as you find them!

2. Make your own musical instrument

If you have got a loo roll or a bottle and some dried rice/beans and some tape, you can make your own musical instrument like these suggested by Musical Bumps South Leicestershire!


a. Fill the loo roll/bottle with the rice/beans approximately 1/3-1/2 full (taping the bottom of the loo roll first of course!);

b. Put the lid on/tape the top of the loo roll;

c. Decorate the outside of the shaker with whatever arty crafty materials you have to hand; and

d. Get some music on and start shaking to your favourite songs!


3. Design a number train

If you want to get the kids practicing their numbers, why not make a number train like this one from Number Train?

If you prefer to follow a video – Annette has a lovely one on her Facebook Page to take you through how to make yours.

4. Make flower ice cubes

How beautiful are these flower ice cubes from Splat Messy Play Nottingham?

Send the little people off round the garden to collect some daisies and dandelions, fill an ice cube tray with water, pop the flowers in and freeze. It’s as easy as that!

5. Make your own ‘Puddle’ the Puddle Duck

We loved this idea from Puddle Ducks to make your own Puddle from a paper plate! He’s even got holes so you can put your fingers through to make him walk!

Hope these keep your little people busy for a while! Have fun and don’t forget to tag us in your pics when you are trying them out @Little Starts Gift Cards on Facebook and @littlestartsgiftcards on Instagram!

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