5 Activities to do at home with babies and toddlers from Little Starts Gift Cards Class Providers

Finding new things to do at home with the little ones each week during lockdown can be a challenge, that’s why we have pulled together our top 5 activities as suggested by our Class Provider Partners!

1. Make a giant dice, throw, count (or subitise) and balance!

This is a great idea from our friends at Number Train to help children recognise ‘how many’ (or ‘subitise’ – yes that was a new word for us too!) without counting.

Here’s what you do:

1. Make a giant dice together out of the back of a box

2. Throw the dice and look at the number it lands on

3. Balance on that many body parts (if more than one player, the first person ready wins a point!)

2. Make squishy soap

Activity Angels shared this great idea for making squishy soap from Russell Brand!

To make it:

1. Mix ½ a cup of cornflour, 4 tsp of vegetable oil, 4 tbsp washing up liquid and a dash of food colouring;

2. Have lots of sensory fun making, moulding, mashing and squidging!

3. Interactive fruit and veg bingo

Have lots of fun as a family seeing who can cross off their fruit and veg first with this idea from Cook Stars Manchester!

How to play:

1. Gather up lots of fruit and veg from your house/play kitchen and put it in a bag;

2. Draw out some grids – 3x4 or 5x4 squares and draw different fruits and veg from your bag onto each board making sure they are all different of course (or download one from the internet like this one on pintrest <IMAGE> and print off)!

3. Give each player a board and a pen;

4. Pull out one fruit/veg at a time and if a player has it on their board they cross it off;

5. The player who crosses all their fruits and veg off first wins.

4. Make your own flour paint!

If you are running low on paint and finding it hard to get more this is a great idea on how to make your own, shared by our friends at ARTventurers Nottingham!

How to make it

1. Mix flour with warm water until you have a paint like consistency;

2. Add some food colouring!

3. It’s that easy!

This paint will store for a day or two in a sealed tupperware box.

5. Make your own sensory treasure box

Sensory treasure boxes as suggested by Baby Sensory Derby are great for keeping babies entertained either with you on the floor or in their highchair whilst you are getting the dinner ready!


1. Find a container big enough to hold a few items;

2. Find a selection of household items with different textures/materials eg hairbrushes, kitchens spoons/mashers, plastic playdough cutters, cake cases, small slippers with Velcro, toothbrushes;

3. Let them get exploring!

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